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Buenos Aires, February 2014
Verónica Alvarez Puente voted one of the top 10 Social Responsibility Twitter influencers of the Hispanic World

Verónica Alvarez Puente Top 10

Verónica Alvarez Puente was chosen today among the first 10 Hispanic social responsibility influencers, in recognition to her intense work on social responsibility, using social media as a platform to convey messages that can create awareness on this theme and drive social change.

“I feel honored to be ranked among the top 10 influencers of the Hispanic world on social media in a subject that thrills me: social responsibility. This award reaffirms my commitment to continue working and make of social responsibility a culture, a life philosophy, and a way to do things”, said Verónica Alvarez Puente, journalist and communications consultant, specialized in social responsibility.

Mc Clelland Media Ltd. (@SustMeme) and Diario Responsable (@diarioresponsab) launched the #Top100RSE ranking, in which the Top 100 Twitter influencers in Latin America and Spain regarding Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Socially Responsible Investment, Corporate Governance, and Corporate Reputation are listed.

This ranking uses an external leaderboard platform (www.leaderboarded.com), which ranks players on the basis of scores that measure interactions and influence across all major social-media channels and online, with the metrics provided via leading independent platform Klout.