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Verónica Álvarez Puente
I am a journalist.

I launched V~PR, a communications consultant firm specialized in Media, Corporate Communications, Social Responsibility, Public Relations, Corporate Internal and External Communication Services, and Development of Audiovisual Projects.

I created V~PR to excel professionally and personally in what I love: my work as communicator.

Also, I work as corporate communications consultant for Nextel Argentina / a subsidiary of NII Holdings, Inc., a public independent mobile phones company leader in business customers with headquarters in Reston, Virginia, USA, known by its Push to Talk radio feature. In that role, I am responsible for the development and execution of external and internal communications plans to support and position the company, its business units and its executives.

I have expertise in all public relations disciplines, including media relations, executive visibility, corporate positioning, social responsibility, issues/crisis management and internal communications.

I have worked for different media, both graphic and audiovisual (TV and radio).

Through my experience I have learned that I am especially skilled at hosting TV shows, at interviewing people, at social responsibility involvement, at writing, at producing audiovisual projects, and as a spokesperson for a brand.

I hold a degree in Physics from University of Buenos Aires in Argentina. I am fully bilingual in Spanish/English and also speak French.

My passions: communicating with people, communicating social responsibility, music, movies, physics (especially astronomy, astrophysics, cosmological physics, and spaceships), travelling, seeing different cultures, learning!!

I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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